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Ten Breaths Away

Professional training in presentation, public speaking, and holding it together. Sign up for information on upcomming events

TEN BREATHS AWAY is a series of ten-breath sequences geared toward those who find themselves on the spot in front of others and need to reach for the right words at the right time:



These exercises are fun, easy to get the hang of, and provide a foundational base to give your body cues to calm down in order to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY. The full curriculum includes a general warm-up, several ten-breath sequences, “character creation”, and more.

You know “exactly” what you are going to say, how you are going to say it and you’ll stand tall when you do it. But the moment comes and your throat is dry, tight; your stomach is fluttering, even knotting and when you walk through that door…you’re a little more hunched over than you even realize.
Give yourself not only the physical cues to remind your body to calm down, but the mental awareness that you are in control of your body and your voice at all times. It’s easy, pretty fun, and can be used in any stressful situation. Sometimes it’s not the tools you’ve got, it’s as simple as remembering to use them.
Be the “You” inside your head, equipped with all of the tools to deliver a fantastic presentation: to calm down, walk in with confidence and know that your strongest voice will be heard.


Mini Workshop

One hour introduction to include starter sequences and anatomy lesson

Day Workshop

One day from 4-6 hours and can include choice of 3 specific modules and one writing exercise

Weekend Workshop

Two days, 4-6 hours per day, dinner out the first evening, lunch both days, several writing exercises and more

Private Coaching

Many jobs with high levels of specialized experience often come with little training in public speaking and communication. Professionals who want personalized training in public speaking and intercommunication can get one-on-one time for a personal experience.

Kids Camps

Group or one-on-one courses for children three and up. Focusing on theatre, literacy, and working together.

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“Lorelei’s writing is like Dr. Suess meets Morrisey.”

Alexandra Franzen,

Author and Teacher

The ten breath sequences you learn in these workshops were born in the spur of the moment, “you are only ever ten breaths away”, while leading an impromptu breathing exercise during a session of Arts in Prison, her volunteer commitment through Open Hearts Open Minds. This turn of phrase has transformed into a full curriculum of breathing based exercises, in several ten-breath sequences; pulling from stage training, a bit of yoga, a little anatomy, and her own breath explorations as an actor, teacher, and human being.

“You have made a difference in my life. Your presence makes my time easier in this environment. Thank you for the gift of your time.”


Inmate, Participant - Open Hearts, Open Minds Arts in Prison Program

“You are truely a one of a kind blessing and we all really appreciate your work and efforts. You help keep our creative spirits alive and make this process easier to believe in. Thank you so much.”


Inmate, Participant - Open Hearts, Open Minds Arts in Prison Program

About Lorelei Kennedy

Lorelei Kennedy was born and raised in the rural Alaskan frontier. Cold, long winters made her an indoor child and she spent most of her time reading by candlelight and cultivating an inner world full of sparkle, charm and whimsy.

Lorelei began a love affair with theatre in middle school and for the past 25 years has been seen onstage, offstage, and back stage shaping that inner world. She now teaches theatre classes to kids and breathing-based workshops for adults and gives them all the power to take center stage and say “this is who I am”.

When not teaching classes, Lorelei can be found playing guitar, avoiding the dishes, or getting her nails done. Lorelei received her both her BA in Theatre and English and her Master of Science in Theatre Arts – Performance from Portland State University. She couldn’t be more grateful to Devon Allen for her love and support throughout the program.

Above all, Lorelei strives to bring some sparkle, charm and whimsy to each interaction in the world!