Ten Breaths Away

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Hi, my name is Lorelei and I’m here to help you discover your strongest voice.

With real-world tools and pulling from stage training, a bit of yoga, a little anatomy, and fun breathing exercises, we’ll dig deep and set you up for success!

Whatever embarrassing thing that can happen in front of people has happened to you – and definitely to me.  Whether you’ve stepped up to center stage and completely forgotten your line or opened your mouth only to find a frog croaking out or phlegm covering your voice box, it’s always a little embarrassing and can get in the way of delivering your true message.

It’s my pleasure to give you the tools you need to calm down, stand up, and speak out.

What I have to share is 25 years of onstage experience, 15 years teaching everyone from preschoolers to prisoners and both an BS and MS in Theatre Arts – and that means a whole lot of practical experience both bombing and beaming and learning how to best use my voice.


Many jobs with high levels of specialized experience often come with little training in public speaking and communication. Ten Breaths Away is a system designed to increase confidence and practical speaking skills.

Single and multi-day camps for children three and up with an emphasis on mindfulness, manners, and moving the body using improv.

Professionals who want personalized training in public speaking and intercommunication can get one-on-one time for a personal experience.

Breathing and Writing

November 16th - 17th

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