About Lorelei Kennedy

Lorelei Kennedy was born and raised in the rural Alaskan frontier. Cold, long winters made her an indoor child and she spent most of her time reading by candlelight and cultivating an inner world full of sparkle, charm and whimsy.

Lorelei began a love affair with theatre in middle school and for the past 25 years has been seen onstage, offstage, and back stage shaping that inner world. She now teaches theatre classes to kids and breathing-based workshops for adults and gives them all the power to take center stage and say “this is who I am”.

When not teaching classes, Lorelei can be found playing guitar, avoiding the dishes, or getting her nails done. Lorelei received her both her BA in Theatre and English and her Master of Science in Theatre Arts – Performance from Portland State University. She couldn’t be more grateful to Devon Allen for her love and support throughout the program.

Above all, Lorelei strives to bring some of her sparkle, charm and whimsy to each interaction in the world!



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