Love Yourself: Calm The F*ck Down and Get Back to Life

Weekend February 16 + 17, 2018

Hello Friend!

You’re here today because 2018 did not go as planned. Your anxiety, panic and reactions to the stress of the world were hard to manage. It’s okay. This weekend is designed just for you to get back on track and back to what want to be doing.

I invite you to recharge, recalibrate, and make 2019 the Year of Success.

Come love yourself with me, Miss K, and an intimate group of women all working together to strengthen their individual voices, as well create a community of support and new friends you can take with you long after the in-class experience has ended.

What can you expect from this workshop? So much fun, laughter, and exploration of yourself: both the practical functions of your body – what it does and why it does it, and the tools to train yourself so that you can manage your anxiety and panic and get back to life.

Anxiety doesn’t have to rule you

I understand the anxiety adrenaline making your brain race.

I understand the pumping panic making your body react.

We’re always looking for a way to hack our lives, or our brains or bodies, but I’ll tell you –at no charge – the ultimate hack is the one we’re born with:
Breath. Your breath. The breath of life.
We’ll start with the always-popular anatomy lesson – what’s happening with your squishy bits? We’ll go back to 4th grade and remember how the body works and get you reacquainted with your center. AND Andiey Anatomy, our new assistant, will make their debut appearance! The whole team is very excited.

An extended version of the Ten Breaths Away Starter Sequence that includes face and body warm-ups used by professional actors and incorporates elements of yoga and other body explorations.

The ultimate hack I can offer?

An easy and fun way to get to know yourself inside and out – and an even easier path to follow. You Are Only Ever Ten Breaths Away.

In addition to those practical aspects, we will also explore the deeper relationship to our metaphorical “voice” and our internal relationship to what we want to say but seems to get stuck. Your anxiety has something to say. Your panic is pleading to be heard.

In this calm, gentle, and encouraging environment, we will get to know where these emotions live in your body and the words that manifest in your mind. There are journal-style writing exercises used to begin to discover triggers and patterns – and develop on-the-spot tools to relieve those difficult emotions.

Authenticity is my rebellion.

Viola Davis

Golden Globe and Emmy Award Winning Actress

Using the Ten Breaths Away Method to train gives you the all the tools you need to instantly calm down, breathe deep, and speak like a natural so that your internal passion and authenticity shine through on command – even when you really, really don’t feel like it. Fake it til you make it? Yep, and I’ll show you how.
Between my 25 years of stage, film, and TV experience; 15 years teaching everyone from preschoolers to prisoners; and both an BS and MS in Theatre Arts, along with a professional Teaching Artist Certification, you can be assured you are in good hands.
A little social anxiety?
Just need to calm down for a little while?
Need tools for yourself and your family?
This course was designed with YOU, a woman (or woman-identified) walking in this world, in mind, because I walk in it, too. I know it from both a personal and professional standpoint: Speaking out can be scary, but this workshop will show you how to cut those fears down to size.
Expect each day to be full, but with plenty of space and time for writing activities and reflection.
  • 9am -1 pm each day
  • Floor + gentle movement work
  • Journal-style writing exercises
  • Fast, effective tools to calm the f*ck down
  • Warm, encouraging, women-only (or identified) environment
This weekend is designed to give you all the tools you need to start your journey and walk out confidently, as well as everything you need to continue to study at home and refine your breathing and speaking skills.
PLUS – an opportunity to sign up for private coaching at a discounted rate before the weekend is over!
Fast, easy, and f*cking effective. You Are Only Ever Ten Breaths Away.

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